This is an appreciation blog for every time Komal Pandey’s video concepts left us too stunned to speak.

Being a trendsetter in this crazy world of social media and a sea of creators is difficult. Everyone is on the lookout for creators who can produce content that is quirky, unique, and high in quality. It takes a creative mind to try things by being themselves and sharing their love for the things they do with the world. Indian content creator and fashionista Komal Pandey is someone who has been able to create her own style. Her style has become a separate brand fulfilling every audience’s need to get content that is different from what they see every day. Komal Pandey’s video concepts happen to be one aspect of her content creation journey that has made people go back to her page.

Komal is known for her fashion and for how specific it is. Over the years we have seen her evolve into a fashion influencer who enjoys sharing all her fancy, crazy ideas with the world. Her style is chic, sophisticated, artistic, and something that makes vogue look like something straight out of a magazine. But one thing that also makes these looks amazing is the way she presents them to her audience. Komal Pandey’s video concepts can be counted as a separate genre in the fashion world that continues to leave the audience flabbergasted. It is impossible to not be surprised and equally intrigued by the kind of videos that she produces. Each of them has its own story while she shows off her contour. As a social media influencer, Komal knows how to play the content card and we love that for her. We made a list of reasons why we are in total awe of her video concepts and can watch them on repeat.

Take a look:

Setting a trend with her ‘reverse styling’ videos

Narrating her looks in Hindi

Hitting all of our right filmy spots

Everything about this series

Runway watch out, she is coming

Proving that she can rock any look in any given era

Not even surprised

Also giving us the BTS

Happy birthday Komal! Let all your creative juices flow!

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