Kritika Khurana's #getreadywithboho will up your style game

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Check out Kritika Khurrana's #getreadywithboho videos and tutorials that will give your inner free-spirited fashionista a style of its own.

Remember the time when you had to wear anything and everything that your parents brought you. No matter how much you hated a shirt or a dress, you had to wear it because they bought it for you. If you had a sibling, you usually ended up wearing similar clothes. But thank God for adulthood, you can choose your own clothes now. It took for us to grow up and with a little help from social media to finally find our own personal style. Digital fashion influencers also play a major role in locking our own style. Creator and Fashion Influencer Kritika Khurrana is someone who is contributing to our search for the perfect outfit. And if you follow her you'll know that her OOTD series #getreadywithboho does just that.

Kritika is known for her chic and boho outfit ideas that are both classy and wearable at the same time. She has managed to stay quirky with her style and have her own set of audiences. Kritika is all about the carefree, personal and exotic style that will lift up the inner Bohemian in everyone. From vlogging, podcasting and blogging name it and Kritika does it all and her style represents this talented part. 'Get Ready With Boho' is one of her OOTD series that gives people a glimpse of how one can style various items in their closet in different and distinct ways. The success of this series is proof that she ain't playing and is here to rule.

Take a look at these #getreadywithboho videos:

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