10 tweets that prove how kindness always pays its debt like a Lannister

Jagruti Verma
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A Lannister always pays his debt. Kindness always comes back with rewards to those who do good in the world. The debt is thus paid and the balance restored.

If there is one thing a Game of Thrones fan can swear by, it's that if there is a Lannister on screen, the drama is about to unfurl in ways no one could have imagined. There isn't a sticky spot you can put a Lannister in where they wouldn't find a way out. They take favours and their fate ensures that the debt is paid, one way or another. We would like to believe kindness works in a similar fashion. Twitterverse seems to agree.

Could be a simple hug

Being a cop can be rewarding

Gratitude and smiles

Skills that come handy

When Twitterverse showered kindness

 Rewards and the smiles they bring along

We are all in this together

Words of gratitude are the best, no?

The future is always worth investing in!

Kindness always comes back

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