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Late Night

On the surface, Late Night seems to be a story about a talk show in desperate need of a revamp but delves into so much more in the process of trying to fix the show.

Written and co-produced by Mindy Kaling, this masterpiece is so refreshing with its almost free-of-drama screenplay even while talking about sexism in broadcasting during the #MeToo movement and gives us sheer brilliance in the form of Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling! Late Night on Netflix reminds me of Ugly Betty in the nicest way solely because of chemical plant worker turned comedy writer, Molly Patel who's all about fixing what's broken in ways only she can.

Cast - Oscar-winning British actress, Emma Thompson does a phenomenal job as Katherine Newbury, a broadcasting legend who got too complacent and didn't quite realize it. Mindy Kaling plays the role of Molly Patel, aka 8 and can I just say that Kaling's an absolute delight to watch?

Storyline - After nearly 30 years of showbiz, talk show host, and entertainer, Katherine Newbury's act isn't at its prime anymore which the channel realizes before she does! In an attempt to salvage what's left, Katherine hires Molly Patel who comes with zero experience in comedy simply to appear more diverse and 'not sexist'. What seems to look and sound like the men's locker room so far soon take a turn after Molly joins the all-white male writer's team and eventually becomes indispensable to Katherine with her keen observation on everything that's wrong with mainstream media in the USA and how Katherine can use that to her disposal by making her comedy more personal and hence relatable.

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What I liked - Late Night sticks to being a movie about a talk show and Katherine Newbury and doesn't go off the rails at all. Mindy Kaling incorporates recent discussions on sexism, politics, and the #MeToo movement in such a bold yet subtle manner, one that will leave you in awe. Nisha Ganatra, Mindy Kaling, and Emma Thompson create magic throughout the 1 hour 42 mins of this film making this a comedy-drama you'll love to watch over and over.

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