#LetsKetchup: Best characters of 2021 that made a special place in our hearts

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Best Characters of 2021

In 2021, some known and unknown faces were busy giving great performances that made their charcters more famous than them. So here are the best characters of 2021!

Often we talk about the performances given by the protagonists played by well-known artists. But at times there are some characters, with a combination of great writing and exceptional performance, who become more than the part they are given. People are so in awe and impacted by this character that without much effort they become a part of pop culture. Their traits, their dialogues, and above all, the name of the character matters the most. These characters tend to make some unknown faces known. So here is a list of the best characters of 2021 that we think ruled all of our hearts during the year.

From Chellam sir to Sandeep Bhaiya to Ruby to Abdul Ali, all of these characters made a special place in our hearts so much so that we remember them probably even more than the movies and TV shows they were in. So cheers to all these characters and the actors who so brilliantly and effortlessly played them that they became a part of pop culture. Check them all out here!

Chellam sir, played by Uday Mahesh in The Family Man 2

Abdul Ali, played by Anupam Tripathi in Squid Game

Sandeep Bhaiya, played by Sunny Hinduja in Aspirants

Bittu Ki Mummy, played by Sunita Rajwar in Gullak 2

JK Talpade, played by Sharib Hashmi in The Family Man 2

Maheshwari sir, played by Sameer Saxena in Kota Factory 2

ACP Khan, played by Vikas Kumar in Aarya 2


Ruby Matthews, played by Cindy Williams in Sex Education 3

Agatha Harkness, played by Kathyrn Hahn in Wandavision


Bhagat Singh, played by Amol Prashar in Sardar Udham

Which one of these characters stayed with you the longest and did we miss out on anyone? Do tell us in the comments below!

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