Amidst all that we have to watch there is often some content we tend to miss that are good, so here is the best of underrated content of 2021!

We are almost at the end of the year 2021 and while we might have all for one or another reason have binged on the popular content and tend to have missed out on some precious gems. It’s very easy to miss out on great content as the wheel of OTT keeps on churning give out a buck load of content one after the other. And most of the time we are busy watching the ones that get to be popular. But being underrated doesn’t mean that it wasn’t watched at all but rather it wasn’t watched up to the level that the brilliant craft deserves. Hence here we are with the best of underrated content of 2021 that you might have missed upon!

Amidst all of the movies and series that kept us busy here are some that you absolutely should look towards. From a comedy murder investigation that keeps you hooked in Only Murders in the Building to a crazy family that is relatable AF and who keeps on reuniting with Potluck. From an in-depth study of two broken people in a broken marriage in Scenes from a Marriage to a couple who make you realize the deep level of sexist conditioning that a man has in Malcolm and Marie. Here is this year’s best of underrated content!

Check them out!

Only Murders in the Building- Disney+ Hotstar

Scenes from a Marriage- Disney+ Hotstar

Ankahi Kahaniya- Netflix

Tryst With Destiny- SonyLIV

Nine Perfect Strangers- Amazon Prime Video

The Disciple- Netflix

Invincible- Amazon Prime Video

Cherry- Apple TV+

Big Shot- Disney+ Hotstar

Sandeep and Pinky Faraar- Amazon Prime Video

Malcolm and Marie- Netflix

The Green Knight- Amazon Prime Video

The Dig- Netflix

Grahan- Disney+ Hotstar

Potluck- SonyLIV

How many of these underrated movies and shows have you already watched and how many of these go on your binge-watch list? Do tell us comments below!

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