These LGBTQIA+ creators win your heart with their talent

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LGBTQA+ Creators

This list of Indian LGBTQIA+ creators and their amazing and incredible content will jazz up your social media.

Admit it, June is the most colorful and liberating month of the year. Even though the sparks of wonderful people from the LGBTQIA+ community shine throughout the year, the world wakes up to rainbows and sunshine on June 1st. This month gets is full of unlearning and learning since a lot of people from the community share stories, ideas, and things that allies should know. Over the years, we have seen many individuals come out of the closet and live authentically, as their true selves. It's such a liberating feeling to watch others be themselves, that it never fails to push us to do the same. The LGBTQIA+ creators are contributing a lot to help us unlearn age-old concepts and grow as people.

Instagram has seen many members from the community who are winning hearts with their content. They've been creating and sharing their incredible talent online throughout the year and showing us what being a part of the community feels like. They've been able to make us laugh, cry, and leave us shook with their content. We made a list of amazing Indian LGBTQIA+ creators that you could follow.

Have a look:

Parna Deshpande

Athulan and Divesh

Anish Bhagatt

Sushant Divgikr

Nilay Joshi

Rishi Raj

Maya Dragqueen

Sanket Sawant

Roshan Nausad


Anwesh Sahoo

Maitrayanee Mahanta

Rohit Singh


Shaurya Batra

Nishtha Berry

Rae Valentine

Ashish Chopra

Shabnam Be-Wa-Fa

Ashim Das



Ankit Dasgupta

Teya Teyamat


Pardeep Sircar


Natasha P


Akanksha Singh

Ayush Rajani

Sanjay Negi

Do you have any more recommendations? Tell us in the comments below.

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