These content creators unleash the power of Garba with these step-by-step tutorials

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Garba nights are around the corner and since everyone isn't a seasoned dancer, we curated this list of easy step-by-step Garba tutorials to ensure that you don't miss the fun. 

There are many things that make Navratri one of the most anticipated festivals in India and Garba nights are definitely one of them. With the charm of the whole festival, we get to experience the sheer joy and excitement that it brings with it. When people come together in groups to dance to the rhythmic beats of traditional Gujarati music, it creates a sense of unity and festive spirit. It's the moment everyone eagerly looks forward to, gathering in their best outfits to groove like nobody's watching. While doing Garba is the best part for most, not everyone is a seasoned dancer. Navratri is already here, but that doesn't mean that people who did not have enough time to master Garba steps would want to miss out on all the fun.

In such situations, the internet comes to the rescue! Not all Garba steps are tough and the basic ones can be learned in a day. You don't have to worry when a number of creators on social media have posted easy step-to-step guides on how to do it right! These tutorials might not make you the expert in the craft but can surely help you twirl your way through this Navratri. If you are unable to do it in the most perfect way, it's okay! Navratri is a festival of inclusivity, togetherness and fun, after all!

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Let these creators be your guide!


We hope that these tutorials help you enjoy this Navratri to the fullest! 

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