The trailer of Disney’s Lion King if FINALLY out and my heart can’t handle the happiness! And I can see similar reactions among all the 90s kids! And why not? Lion King is still one of the most loved movies ever!

Originally released on June 15, 1994, the trailer of the remake was released on the 22nd November. The day it got launched undoubtedly it is already trending #1 on YouTube, and has crossed 35 million views. And the way we all are going crazy over it, I’m sure there are gonna be a lot more views!

Here’s The Lion King’s royal trailer:

Fans took over social media to express their excitement and how they can’t wait for this major nostalgic trip down the memory lane! Check it out:

1. My heart wasn’t ready for this today. Brb crying.

2. Never gonna be too cool for school.

3. Yeah, pretty sure that’s not how it works.

4. Everyone of us is gonna do that without even feeling embarrassed!

5. I can only imagine how the kids are going to react when they see all the adults crying like babies in the theater.

6. I hope she was kidding too.


8. Nah, they’re all plastic in HD.

The cast has big names of Beyonce, and Jon Favreau among others. Apart from this, Disney will be coming out with Aladdin, Toy Story, and Dumbo in 2019, so it’s safe to say that 2019 is going to be the year of the 90s generation!

As for The Lion King, if you think I’m going to stand in a line outside the theater, spend my money just to see the heart wrenching scenes of Mufasa dying again and the stampede –then you’re absolutely right!