Some liquor shops will now be open and Twitter is ready to celebrate with memes

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Liquor Shops

Check out how twitter celebrated the opening of liquor shops in green and orange zones. These tweets and memes will buzz you with a different high of laughter.

With the lockdown being extended to two more weeks further, the Government of India has announced relaxations on certain non-essential commodities. Liquor shops being one among them is likely to open in the green and orange zones starting from May 4th, 2020, Monday. The sale is allowed under “certain conditions” and prohibited under areas that come in the red or contaminated zones. Almost all of the states have accepted the protocol but Kerala government will wait for a while.

It’s funny how there are so many things going on in the world yet #LiquorShops are trending at number one today. Soon after the declaration, some of the people rushed to the nearest thekas while the Twitterati have come up with the best memes to buzz your head but with laughter!

Check out these meme-ingful tweets:

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