With just two episodes left, these Little Women theories help us decode the mysterious plot of the show!

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Little Women theories

With that jaw-dropping cliff hanger from the latest episode, we have all sorts of Little Women theories about the ending!

I've been discussing Little Women theories ever since the beginning of the show. The story focuses on three sisters, In-Joo, In-Kyung, and In-Hye who try to fulfill their ambitions while struggling with poverty. All three of them get entangled with one of the most powerful political families in Korea, who pretend to be the ideal family in front of everyone, but behind closed doors, they are psychotic serial killers who are hungry for money and power. With each episode, it felt like my emotions are on a roller coaster. One minute I felt the sisters are safe and on the way to victory and literally the next minute I get to know its an ambush. In the latest episode we see, Choi Do-il and In-Kyung pull off a really smart plan to finally bring down Park Jae-Sang by revealing the monster that he really is to the public. In-Hye and Hyo-Rin go on a break to stay away from all the drama. In-Joo, as always naively gets caught up in drama but little does she know she was helping Choi Do-il all along.

The episode specifically felt like the chemistry between the two was through the roof. Just when I finally felt the show is going in one direction, Park Jae-Sang commits suicide, all of In-Joo's money is taken away from her, Won Sang-a is crazy for revenge more than she ever has been, and in the midst of all of this Choi Do-il has gone MIA.

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With so much to process in just the last minute of the episode, the weekend feels too far away to get my answers. So I thought of making some sense out of it on my own, let's have a look!

What if Jung-Ho is actually working for Won Sang-a?

After this latest episode, anything feels possible. Throughout the course of the show, Jung-Ho has been head over heels for In-Kyung. He also takes no risk at all and lives a simple life. This makes him quite suspicious given that everyone in this show has their own personal agenda. What if he's been next to In-Kyung this whole time so he can spy on her and help Won Sang-a be one step ahead? And if that wasn't enough the illustrations in the introductions also maybe hint that In-Kyung has been looking at the orchid aka Jung-Ho all this while with no idea that he's a part of the Jeongran Society.


Maybe Choi Do-il was someone not to be trusted after all!

In almost every other episode we see people telling In-Joo that Choi Do-il is not someone who can be trusted. And he's definitely not someone to fall in love with in the middle of a coup. If you notice in episode 10 when they save In-Hye from the closed room, Choi Do-il has a good look at Hyo-Rin's passbooks. Maybe he transferred all of In-Joo's money to Hyo-Rin's account in return for his father to be released from jail.


Contrary to the previous one and my personal favorite, Choi Do-il transfers all of the money to Hyo-Rin's account to save In-Joo

For someone who's said to have no emotions at all, he seems to care about In-Joo quite a bit and has come to her rescue so many times. The money that In-Joo has is illegal after all and maybe he transferred all of that to Hyo-Rin so that Won Sang-a suffers for it eventually.


Hyo-Rin is probably as crazy as her parents

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's something that In-Hye herself wonders when she sees how easily Hyo-Rin hacks into the security system of her house and fools everyone. Maybe two monsters have raised another one. And maybe she has a bigger role in this than we think.


In the end, all three sisters are rich even after losing all that money

Let's not forget that In-Kyung is the sole inheritor of her great-aunt's assets. Although she is currently in debt because of it I personally feel that it will turn into profits. Like her great-aunt said that she owns so many buildings that aren't worth much now but they will turn into gold later. So even without In-Joo's 70 billion won, the sisters can have a secure future with their great-aunt's money.


What are some of your Little Women theories for the final two episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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