Smaran Sahu and Aayushi Bangur's thriller version of the Lockdown will get you hooked

Priyanka Parmar
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Smaran Sahu and Aayushi Bangur have created a short film titled, Lockdown and before you assume it's another cute story, pause your thought and check it out!

The Lockdown that was enforced on the Indian population may have created a lot of trouble but the one good thing it did was give us some time to ourselves. Not just Aam junta but several content creators, bloggers and actors have also used this time to explore different creative angles and content formats pushing the envelope even further with their talent. One more content creator Jodi and real-life couple that has come up with an interesting piece of content are Aayushi Bangur and Smaran Sahu. Yes, the duo has been keeping themselves busy with creating an interesting tale inspired by the current situation and is titled, Lockdown. While the name may suggest that it's just another romantic story of a couple in quarantine, it is so much more.

The poster itself will get you intrigued. Take a look:

The 13-and-a-half-minute long film draws you in with its real-life vibe and gets you hooked each passing second as the story swiftly shifts genres. The end isn't what you'd expect... or is it? To kill the suspense, check out the short film!

Smaran and Aayushi shared Lockdown on their respective IGTV feeds. Take a look:

The music is given by Ross Bugden, Screenplay's led by Aayushi Bangur and Smaran Sahu while Smaran is also the Director of Photography, the Editor and Director of the film.

Check out some of the reactions Lockdown has received:



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Go check it out if you haven't watched it yet!

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