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Loki’s story

We're giving you a recap of Loki's story so far in the MCU so you're all caught up before you start watching him fix time in the new DisneyPlus series.

Kneel before the King! After a year of waiting for the new Marvel series, Loki will finally start streaming on the popular digital platform DisneyPlus. Marvel has upgraded people's quarantine life into an imaginative one after they decided to take up the digital space with their series following the story of some of our favorite superheroes. Although Marvel has its fair share of heroes, the one villain that is equally loved and admired by most is Thor's brother (adopted) Loki. The character that died in Infinity War and left fans mourning, appeared again in Endgame. Escaping from that reality, he caused some trouble in the flow of time. Loki starts streaming tomorrow and here's a quick recap of Loki's story in the MCU so far.

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We were first introduced to Loki in Thor as Odin’s second son. That's when we realize that he's actually Frost Giant King Laufey's son, rescued by Odin from the Jotunheim battlefield. He grew in the shadow of his brother and the God of Thunder but was very close to his mother, Frigga who taught him magic. That's where he learned all the tricks from and grew up to become the God of Mischief.

Loki comes face to face with the truth about his past and decides to show off his tricks as he tried to manipulate and sabotage Thor’s chance to take over the throne from Odin and become the next King. As part of his plan, he meets his real father and kills him, and battles Thor only to find himself falling into a wormhole. Thor sobs for his brother thinking that his brother died.

The Avengers

While the rest of the Asgardians think that Loki died, he was on his way to make an alliance with the Mad Titan - Thanos. Loki shows his alliance to the villain who is collecting Infinity Stones for his mission to wipe out half the universe.

In the plan to help him get the Space Stone aka Loki's favorite cube, the Tessaract, he stages an alien invasion on Earth. While the Earth's Mightiest Heroes defeat him and he is taken back to Asgard as a prisoner, we get The Avengers. So that sounds like a win!

Thor: Dark World 

Now in prison, Loki finds himself under trial for all his crimes. But he finds Thor wanting his help after their mother Frigga is killed. The two brothers team up to defeat the Dark Elves. And again, he sacrifices himself to save Thor, or so Thor thinks. But he somehow shapeshifts into Odin and takes over Asgard after he sends the real Odin to Earth after putting a spell and banishing him.

Thor Ragnarok

After having a prosperous reign in Asgard disguised as Odin, Thor and Loki meet again as a new threat takes over. Odin tells them about their sister Hela who has been imprisoned for years and has now returned and wants to take over Asgard and every other universe. Hela takes over the throne after destroying Asgard and humiliating Thor. Loki and Thor finally enjoy a good brotherly bond as they come together to defeat her in Ragnarok. Loki then joins the survivors in the ship going to Earth after the destruction of Asgard.

Infinity War

Before they could reach Earth, their ship is attacked by Thanos who already has the Power stone. He meets the two Gods to get his hand on the Tesseract aka Space Stone. While Thor defends the stone and refuses to give it to him, Loki steps as a way to protect his brother. While he tries to trick the Titan, he fails this time as Thanos snaps his neck, killing Loki with no resurrection this time.

Avengers: Endgame

Thanks to Avengers who decide to travel back in time and collect the stones before Thanos has his hands on them. The love story between God and the Space stone continues. When the Avengers' travelled back to the time when Loki was arrested in New York, the Tessaract somehow gets away from Tony and Loki takes the chance and disappears with the stone.

Loki series

The new series on the God of Mischief will follow his story and the bureaucratic agency TVA (Time Variance Authority). Loki ends up there for all the troubles that he has caused by absconding with the infinity stone and breaking the reality of time. TVA’s Morbius needs Loki’s assistance in fixing the time since their job is literally ‘protecting the proper flow of time.’ For the God of Mischief to actually fix things for a change, now that would be fun to watch! Now that you're all caught up on Loki’s story, we hope you're ready to watch the Loki series which drops tomorrow, ie. June 9 on Disney Plus.


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