On 31st July, 2009, Imtiaz Ali gifted us with a movie that we still go back to every time we need comfort. Or just reassurance that maybe everything will work out in the end. Love Aaj Kal was not just a movie about love, but about ambition, dreams, and never backing down.

It’s been 10 years since Love Aaj Kal released. Yes, TEN! Does it even seem like it’s been a decade since we watched this movie and gossiped about it with our gang about the romance, the heartbreak and life in general? Has it really been 10 years since we grooved to ‘And We Twist’? Time flew by, but Jai and Meera stayed with us.

This practical, logical, doesn’t-want-complications couple showed us that Cinderella doesn’t need a chariot anymore and she also doesn’t need a ‘Prince’ per se. He just has to be someone who loves her. And be it Veer Singh’s vow to marry Harleen even before he had gotten a chance to talk to her, or Jai Vardhan Singh’s realization of his love after he loses Meera – the movie clearly says that you will find your way to your soulmate somehow.

These moments from Love Aaj Kal prove that it is the one of the most ‘realistic’ fairy tales that we can gush about!

How can we forget meeting them for the first time, right? The awkwardness, nervousness, the I’m-acting-confident-but-really-chewing-my-nails-on-the-inside moments are the best!

Then comes the entire amazing, full of love, full of happiness relationship part where you’re simply on cloud nine and feel special and giddy (almost) all the time!

And like all things do, it ends someday, right?

But it doesn’t have to be soap opera dramatic now; we can have a mature conversation, maybe even a party!

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And if you were really in it, they’ll always be somehow special.
Maybe you’ll cross paths again someday, and let’s be honest, you can’t just go back to being completely platonic. You can’t just not know the person like you do!

No matter how much you try, maybe you even believe for real that you’ve moved on from them but one little thing happens and you realize you haven’t. That’s when you start to distance yourself from them, and ask them to do the same too because you’re tired of just going back and forth every time.

And like in all fairy tales, the hero eventually realizes that he loves our heroine too damn much! But, when it comes to our generation, don’t you think we’re always realizing the really important stuff a little too late?

But every fairy tale ends with love winning or so we are led to believe and they live happily ever after. Maybe, just maybe, things will eventually work out for us too. Even after the innumerable times we seem to wreck it because of our thoughts and ‘commitment issues’. Maybe.

Feeling nostalgic in more ways than one? Well, that’s what this brilliant movie does to you every single time.

Deepika Padukone’s fans celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the film by trending #10YearsOfMeera