Friday Streaming: Love Hard on Netflix isn't the modern tale it pretends to be

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Starring Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O. Yang, Love Hard is hard to love if you like movies that make sense.

Directed by Hernan Jimenez, Love Hard is yet another 'boy-meets-girl, followed by drama before they lived happily ever after' kinda unrealistic romantic comedy that a lot of us enjoy watching, especially if it comes with a holiday theme! But even movies from this genre need an upgrade if they're catering to a younger audience.

Cast - Nina Dobrev plays the role of Natalie Bauer and after watching Dobrev in Vampire Diaries, she doesn't quite hit the mark in Love Hard as Natalie. Jimmy O. Yang plays Josh Lin, who works with his father but secretly wants to make candles.

Storyline - Natalie Bauer is your girl-next-door from LA, who's tired of online dating and the experiences it comes with so she decides to make a career out of it by writing about every bad date she's ever had. During a random scroll sesh, she comes across Josh Lin, a make-you-weak-in-the-knees kinda guy who also sounds like he has an emotional quotient, unlike most men she's come across. After endless virtual conversations, she decides to surprise him for Christmas by showing up at his doorstep on the East Coast and ends up being catfished.

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What I didn't quite like - The same thing that we enjoy about a romantic comedy ie. a happy ending, feels unrealistic and dumb in Love Hard. I've yet to come across someone who fell in love with the person who catfished them! Natalie's character is the definition of 'damsel in distress' and for a modern tale, it isn't quite believable. Josh's justifications for catfishing Natalie could've sent him to prison for identity theft if this was indeed a modern tale!

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