5 love stories that make for an enjoyable Valentine's Day watch on Amazon MiniTV

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5 love stories that make for an enjoyable Valentine's Day watch on Amazon MiniTV

Watch these love stories on Amazon MiniTV with your partner while you spend a romantic Valentine's Day or when you're spending some time with your girls!

Romance, a cozy ambiance, alongside some lighthearted romance drama, and stories that touch your heart, if this is the kind of Valentine's Day you prefer, then here are a few shows featuring some talented writers, directors, actors, only to ensure that the viewers have an entertaining watch and an enjoyable time.

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Check them out!

Jab We Matched

The 4 episodic series features 4 different narratives that revolves around modern day dating. Each story brings a unique angle and twists to the narrative, making the series engaging and leaving the viewers curious till the very end. The series features television personalities like Jasmin Bhasin, Priyank Sharma, Shivangi Joshi, Prit Kamani, Abhishek Nigam, to Mayur More and Revathi Pillai. This never seen before cast, presenting unique stories brings freshness on screen and promises an entertaining watch.

Rafta Rafta

A fairytale love story meets modern day reality, this is the story of Karan and Nithya. These two love birds are complete opposites, and yet they fall for each other and decide to get married. This is when the actual journey begins! Exploring how difficult life can be after marriage where partners get to know each other better, try to work things out but when things take different directions, one has to take a step back and realize what the other person would be going through. Rafta Rafta presents a similar story about a modern-day marriage with some quirky, funny, relatable moments, accompanied by a beautiful blissful title track ‘Rafta Rafta’ by Raghav Meattle. The show features YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam and the ever-gorgeous Srishti Ganguli.

Couple Goals Season 4

The series is very popular amidst the young audience as it presents a relatable college romance. The previous three seasons garnered immense traction and love. The fourth installment revolves around Ayush and Jenny who are madly in love and feel no situation will ever separate them. But things don’t go as planned, Ayush gets into a big fight with a college student, and the council disqualifies the entire college from a competition, shattering dreams of many students, including Jenny. Soon after, Jenny decides to leave Ayush. The series features Aakash Gupta and Mugdha Agarwal in the leads. The hilarious narrative with rib-tickling dialogues and great actors, make this it a fun watch with your friends or partner.

Tuition Ke Baad

During our school days, friends are one of the most crucial and important pillars, and this story encapsulates the friendship and young love aspects beautifully. A teen love story, featuring four friends Aashiq, Tantrik, Sholey, and Jhatarburg who study in the same class. Aashiq has a big crush on Sneha and his friends decide to help him convey his feelings. But, like most romantic stories, the girl likes Aashiq’s best friend. The narrative smoothly drives through young love, emotions, friendship, difficulties, strong bond and more. The show features Abhishek Kapoor, Sanyam Sharma, Mugdha Agarwal, Ritik Ghanshani, Suraj Bhan, and Kanika Allagh.

Dhruv Tara

It is a love story about a young couple, Dhur and Tara who are in a live-in relationship. While Tara has wedding thoughts on her mind, for Dhruv, marriage is not on his list yet. Until, one day Dhruv gets drunk and proposes Tara, and forgets about it the very next day after coming to a sober state.  The series feature Sanyogita Yadav, Sharmila Dey, Oshi Sahu, Sukesh Mishra, Neeraj Shah, Rajat Sukhija, and Ahmad Raza Khan.

Which of them are you excited to watch? Tell us in the comments below!

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