#KetchupNow: 'Love Storiyan in Kesariya' is the lamest trending debate on the internet currently!

Sakshi Sharma
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People reacting to the word Love Storiyan in the recent full released version of the song Kesariya is a current trend and debate that could have been totally avoided for good!

It is a serious realization that we are in fact, genuinely living in a time of crazy dominated by the internet where almost anything to everything can go viral. We say our obsession with Bollywood has lowered because of the long-form content of OTT, but apparently, all it took was a film called Brahmastra and a song from it to null that misconception. It's actually astonishing to witness that it's not just the film that has sparked various debates, which was inevitable given it's one of its own kind of film. But now it's about a song that was even famous for its teaser, which has gone viral for all of the lamest of reasons. So the official full version of the song Kesariya came out, and the internet can't get over "Love Storiyan" being there as a part of the lyrics. And while netizens have gone crazy with memes and ridiculing the song, it's still the most nonsensical thing about the song to have gone viral and debated about.

The most ironic part of this whole thing is that we are the generation that has brought language from 'In My Opinion' to 'IMO' to actually rolling on the floor with laughter kind of expression to 'ROFL' or laughing out loud feeling to 'LOL' and we are complaining about Amitabh Bhattacharya using the words 'Love Storiyan' for phonetic rhyming in a song, and a bit of Hinglish wit which totally speaks to our vibe. So frankly, IMO, it's absurd and lame to debate about a particular choice of words in a song rather than the song. This in turn begs to question that while our generation is opinionated and isn't shy about it but are we becoming more and more impatient and irrational in our approach? Really, in a world where Dard-E-Disco, Locha-E-Ulfat, Tune Mari Entriyan, Second Hand Jawani, Ishq Wala Love and more exist, if 'love storiyan' in Kesariya is that much of an Elaichi in the Biryani, that is all we care about?

Here are some of the tweets that represent the pulse of the debate over the song!

In all fairness, the usage of English words in a Hindustani song is not new and mostly intended for a casual and fun tone to the soft melodious piece. To jerk a reaction of relatability or comic relief for the audience. But on another front, the song brings back the nostalgic feel of old-school Bollywood romance, full hero vibe, in all its vibrant colors and glory!

And here are some reactions other than the debate on the song!

What are your thoughts about the song Kesariya other than your opinion about love storiyan? Tell us in the comments below!

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