Millennials are known to be living in extremes. Either they are too lazy or driven by OCD which in this case is – ‘Obsessive Cleaning Disorder’ to a large extent. And what can explain this better than this ‘auspicious’ day which we’re not absolutely sure was invented when but can definitely relate it more to the millennial era and creativity called, Make Your Bed Day!

If you got a smile on your face after reading that title, congratulations you have Obsessive Cleaning Disorder too and if you got a frown on your face, accept it, you are just lazy! The latter will just shrug the idea of Make Your Bed Day away like any other but it is of great significance to the former. You wanna know why? Let’s find out.

5 reasons why Make Your Bed Day is important for people with Obsessive Cleaning Disorder:

1. Changing old linens

The idea of changing old lines with neatly washed, starched and ironed linens makes them feel like life is all sunshine and roses.

2. Visual Appeal: Crumple-free sheets and a well-made bed not only pleases them aesthetically but gives them an adrenaline rush and invites to a peaceful slumber.

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3. Keeps the bedroom in order: A neatly made bed leads to the entire bedroom being
kept in order and what else can be more satisfying to someone having OCD than a
the bedroom where everything is organized.

4. Finer details: While making your bed, you get to take care of the nooks, corners, creases and correcting such finer details which is the core life purpose of a person
having OCD.

5. Tick on the check-list: The feeling of having completed one task for the day gives
them a sense of fulfilment.

So if you are someone with OCD, I’m sure you had a good laugh as you can relate
to all the above points. You, bed-making superheroes!

If you are just lazy, do not feel guilty, we have a ‘Don’t make your bed day’ observed on December 21st.