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Malayalam songs

If you want to impress your crush, share this list of popular Malayalam songs and show off your amazing taste in music.

If you are a music lover you'd know that there is nothing better than getting introduced to new songs. Having the chance to discover music that is able to move and touch you is all that we need to deal with life better. People who share new music are important and it's always nice to chance upon something new. Songs happen to be one form of art that people enjoy despite the language barrier. It manages to convey feelings no matter what language it's made in. With various artistic creations from south Indian languages getting recognition over the years, people have become more open to listening to them.

Remember the time when every south Indian song was either the chorus of Jiya Jale or Apadi Pode? Well, now that internet has opened its doors to great content, people are recognizing and appreciating songs made in languages other than Hindi and English. From fun dance numbers to soft romantic songs, here's a list of Malayalam songs that have become everyone's favorite.

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Mazhaye Mazhaye

Aaro Nenjil



Pavizha Mazha

Uyiril Thodum



Entammede Jimikki Kammal


Ee Shishirakaalam

Aluva Puzha

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