After the much talked Pothole Song, Mumbai Tula BMC Var Bharosa Nai Kaay, RJ Malishka from RED FM comes up with yet another popular and quirky song with the Marathi superhit song, Zingaat as the base. With its quirky lyrics and playful beats, it raises the same question mark again and again, “What is BMC doing?”

RED FM RJ Malishka comes up with another song this Monsoon targeting BMC and the authorities. The song comes after the problems faced by Mumbaikars over the last few weeks as a result of torrential rains.

RED FM – Monsoon Song with Malishka

My Malishka is here with Monsoon Song 2018!#MumbaiKhadyat

Posted by Red FM on Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The new song titled ‘Monsoon Song’ plays on the Marathi superhit song, Zingaat. With its popular beat and quirky lyrics, this is surely to be at the tip of the tongue of a lot of people.

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While enabling millions to tap on the folk beats, the song addresses the larger problem faced by Mumbaikars every Monsoon. It tackles the BMC and the lax authorities in a playful and witty manner. While they remain silent, thousands of Mumbaikars face troubles everyday as heavy rains lash out in the entire city.


Yet again, BMC failed Mumbai and so, geli geli Mumbai khadyaat!!!!