Mallika Dua, the famous standup-comedian, is trolled for voicing her thoughts over ‘nakli nationalists and keyboard patriots’. Recently, news channel Aaj Tak reported the video saying that the artist believes ‘mourning is nonsense’.

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That @aajtak is communal, asslicking slime is no news. But this is an all new low. How dare you spread fake news like this? Darbaari, godi media number 1. Just go on all fours and start salivating na? What’s left ? @aajtak you brainless slime how dare you accuse me of saying “fauji mar gaye toh shok manana nonsense baat!!”How fucking dare you. Send me that clip na where I said this. I said people need to stop shaming each other for posting regular things on social media because that doesn’t mean we don’t mourn our soldiers. Just because you woke up, ate breakfast and showered doesn’t mean you don’t mourn the lives we have lost to brutal terrorism. There’s nothing worse. However, Even in the absence of terrorism there are tragic deaths every single day for the same reason: systemic FAILURE. People die of hunger. Poverty. Unemployement. I don’t see ANY of you shaming anybody for being online then. But tum jaise anpadh gavaar communal jingoist se fake news ke alaava kya umeed ki jaa Sakti. You shameless scum. Show me proof of where I said this. I have been raised to respect the Indian Army and my country, however some of its citizens bring shame to it daily. You’re a piece of shit @aajtak. Thanks for uploading a super hot picture of me though.

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Dua has tried to call out the section of people commenting on people for living the lives they do usually even after the Pulwama attack and are tagged as anti-nationalist. The artist tried to explain the fact, showing anger on Social Media is not the true sense of nationality.

To all the nakli nationalists and keyboard patriots, you don’t get to decide who’s Indian and who’s not. Especially those of you hell bent on destroying the secular fabric of this country really need to shut your mouths before giving others unsolicited Gyaan on being Indian. Tum hum se zyaada hindustaani nahin aur hum tumse kam Hindustaani nahi. It’s very convenient to be a keyboard warrior when it’s someone else shedding blood on your behalf.

Posted by Mallika Dua on Sunday, 17 February 2019


The recent Pulwama attack on CRPF convoy that led to the death of 40 jawans, shook the nation. While a lot of people mourned over the incident, many took to social media condemning it as coward act and demanded an action/war to make it equal. And if someone spoke against this, was mercilessly trolled on social media. Dua also faced the heat for slamming these Internet Warriors.

So convenient

Posted by Mallika Dua on Sunday, 17 February 2019

Against the ongoing trend of mourning and demanding a war, Mallika shared a post of an Army Wife, an open letter highlighting how war affects the lives of relatives of these Army Men, unfortunately, it was not well received by the audience.

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The five mins video did no go well with the audience –