Malvika Sitlani opens up about her delightful debut at Cannes 2022

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Malvika Sitlani

Indian fashion and beauty influencer, Malvika Sitlani opened up about her debut experience at Cannes 2022.

The entertainment and fashion world has had its eyes on France ever since Cannes Film Festival began. And each day people have been looking forward to not only the movies that were screened but also who wore what on the red carpet. So far, we had the chance to witness some incredible talent walking the carpet, and joining them were some of our beloved Indian artists. With India being a part of the event as the first ‘country of honour’, Indian artists from the big and small screens made it to the festival while represent our country. Indian fashion and beauty influencer, Malvika Sitlani was one among them and she surely made herself known on the global platform with her red carpet looks.

Malvika has become everyone's favorite when it comes to digital content creation. She has been filling up the online platform with her stunning content around beauty and fashion. While she continues to share her content, she also went on to create her own beauty brand. And as a new milestone in her career, she walked the red carpet of Cannes this year. The creator was part of the event on behalf of L'Oreal Paris.

As part of her debut, the creator talked to us about everything that happened, the outfits she wore, and her overall experience.

How does it feel to represent India on a global forum? Please share your experience.

"I walked into this year writing a ‘Goals to achieve in 2022’ list and one of them was to go global. And we did. It feels surreal, it humbles me. My team has worked very hard to make this happen and I’m incredibly thankful to L’Oréal Paris for this opportunity. They have created a memory so core that it will be one of my most cherished experiences till the end of time. Looking back, you realize that all the decisions you make, good or bad, lead up to this moment which is beautiful because it allows you to have hope."

Since it is your debut year at Cannes, what was the whole experience like?

"This was our first time at the Cannes Film Festival and it was filled with tons of emotions! It is all very challenging to figure out the visa, outfits, and schedules, and make sure we don’t miss a single moment! I had to keep reminding myself to be present and soak in the moment because it does pass quickly. We had a lot of help from fellow influencers who have done this before and they were kind enough to lead us the right way. Being in the presence of some of the biggest names in the industry was almost unreal. It felt like a dream that had taken 7 years to come true and it did. The feeling, the moment, the experience - I wouldn’t give this up for anything."

How did you prep for your debut at Cannes?

"Once we found out that I was confirmed for the Cannes Film Festival, my team did a ton of research, plus my fellow creators who have done this before guided us along the way. We started emailing designers in India and worldwide to help with my glam looks. We had tons of to-do lists and created a schedule for each day. We made sure we didn’t waste a single day leading up to the festival. Being organized is the best way to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. We did our best and just went with the flow once we got there! I think we did fabulously for our first time!"

Can you share details about your outfit?

"For my entry to Cannes, I wore a Papa Don’t Preach baby doll dress, and for the main red carpet event, I wore a beautiful, bespoke, orange, ruffled crop top and skirt with a long trail from Millia, a London based couture house. I felt so incredibly confident and gorgeous in that outfit! For the Cannes Film Festival X Loreal Paris 25th anniversary dinner, I wore a Papa Don’t Preach saree, which was dripping in the most beautiful colours! I also carried with me a stunning metallic embellished outfit by Rudraksh Dwivedi! Thankfully my audience loved all my looks!"

Rudraksh Dwivedi

Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika

Millia London

My jewelry was by multiple Indian designers – Misho Designs, Shop Lune , and Zohra

What was the inspiration behind your look? As someone wearing it, what did it feel like for you?

"I knew I wanted something so big that everyone would take a second look. And they did! My red carpet look was an amalgamation of everything I love - long trails and pastel colors. I wanted a larger-than-life outfit and we found just the right designer to custom make it for us! We did multiple meetings with Ruth, the creative director at Millia London, and she custom-made the entire outfit as per my preference. She totally came through with what I had envisioned and created the outfit of my dreams! I could not have found a better red carpet debut outfit, I felt confident and beautiful!"

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