These Mansi Ugale's self-portrait tips are everything your Instagram needs

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Mansi Ugale's self-portrait

No more sending 100 reminders to your photographer friends to share pictures! Mansi Ugale's self-portrait tips are all you need.

Who isn't a fan of a good portrait especially if they make you look like a dream? Every group has that one person who eventually becomes the official photographer. The person who is always behind the camera taking pictures and helping us freeze every memory. But we may not always have that one friend with us all the time, no matter how much we wish for it. There are times when we look like a bomb but don't have that person around to click our pictures which keeps us from showing our Instagram how amazing we look. But Mansi Ugale's self-portrait tips just changed this game and how!

Mansi Ugale has given the internet and Instagram what it wants, a series of aesthetically pleasing pictures. But what makes all her photos special is that they're taken by herself. She has been turning herself into a magazine model. From fixing lights, setting the background, and taking numerous pictures, Mansi has shown the world how one person can be in charge and multi-task to get that perfect shot. She has also made sure to share the BTS of how she takes all these incredible pictures and has us wondering in surprise. On World Photography Day, there's no one better to teach us how to take great self-portraits!

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