10 Marathi hype songs that are perfect to get you on the dance floor!

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10 Marathi hype songs that are perfect to get you on the dance floor!

Be it a mehendi, sangeet or even sakaarpuda; these Marathi hype songs are played all over Maharashtra!

One listens to hype songs for various reasons, to get out of bed, to make you feel less sad or even when you feel like dancing. Marathi hype songs, specially, never fail to put you in a good mood. No matter where you are as soon as you hear a beat of any Marathi song, there's no turning back! The moment someone plays Aika Dajiba at a wedding or at any event, I know for a fact that I'm not gonna breathe for a while. Some people might dislike Marathi songs for being too "pure" when it comes to the language but whether you hate them or love them, you definitely can't resist them.

You don’t need to know the words in these songs because the tune is enough to get you tapping your foot and humming along. Marathi dance songs are so popular and powerful sonically that they are also played during Navratri. This shows the diversity in the Marathi music industry and how also people from other cultures are accepting of this music. Commercial songs like Wajle Ki Baara, Apsara Aali and Shantabai broke the stigma of Marathi songs being the typical songs that are danced to by drunkards. And here's a list of such songs that you can dance to!

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Check them out!

Tuzya Priticha Vinchu Chawla

Cham Cham Karta

Ye Go Ye Ye Maina

Kombadi Palali

Tuzi Mazi Jodi Jamli

Rani Majhya Malyamandi

Wajle Ki Bara

Hi Poli Saajuk

Gulabachi Kali

Aika Dajiba

Which one of these are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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