Marideth and Austin Telenko, a trendsetter choreography duo is winning hearts with their dance moves on text tones!

What is the most creative thing you have done with dance? Dancing itself takes a lot of mental energy to start with like going with the melody and rhythm, thinking of new moves, and catching up with others around you. Some people do a little more than just dancing. They add a little catch to their moves.
Austin and Marideth Telenko is one such choreography duo that loves to experiment with their dance moves.

They add a special touch to their moves that make them unique. They have done a series where they dance on text tones that included ring tones, notification tones, alarm tones, and more. This may sound a bit tricky as you may wonder what moves can be done on text tones! Well, the duo is here to answer just that. They can dance on anything and it looks really accurate.

Check out some moves that can make you move your body too!

Did these videos get you moving?

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