UK Space Agency launched Mars Rover Perseverance on Thursday, 30th July. This mission aims at studying the existence of life on the red planet.

One of NASA’s most ambitious Mars projects to study if there is life on the planet took off on Thursday from Florida’s Cape Canavera. It is NASA’s ninth Mars mission that will take seven months to reach its destination. With a total cost of almost $3 billion, it is also one of the most expensive missions to date. Mars rover Perseverance will land on Mars in February next year.

Perseverance is a nuclear-powered buggy, weighing 1,050kg, which will be the fifth NASA rover to land on Mars. It will also be the first human vehicle to ever take-off from the surface and fly in the Martian skies. The landing location is Jezero crater which is considered as an ancient river delta of the planet. Rock and soil samples will be collected from the location by the researchers from Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum with the help of the UK Space Agency.

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