#SpoilerAlert - Check out the highlights of each WandaVision episode before the finale

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Check out some of the best parts of each of the WandaVision episodes before the finale.

If you haven't binge-watched Marvel's WandaVision on Disney+Hotstar, out of curiosity or at mere peer pressure are you even staying with the trend., then you must It was one of the most anticipated shows by Marvel and ever since it aired, it has become the talk of the town. Fans of the franchise couldn't hold themselves back from finding easter eggs, predicting the next episode, and trying to connect their multi-verse theories. Marvel was successful in giving the fans more than what they had expected. With its 9th episode, the first season will come to an end today. As we all eagerly wait to get done with work to watch the finale, we've made a list of some of the best parts of each of the WandaVision episodes that you need to watch before the finale.

Here are some of the best parts of each of the WandaVision episodes:

Episode 1 - Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience

Oh, A newlywed couple just moved to town, A regular husband and wife, Who left the big city to find a quiet life, WandaVision

In a never seen before avatar, Marvel surprises the fans by intriguing them with a different take while telling Wanda and Vision's story. And satisfying every comic fan, we get the 'You're a damn toaster' reference with Stark Industries toaster commercial.


Episode 2 - Don't touch that dial

The mysterious plane makes an appearance. The toy helicopter is the only thing in colour in this black-and-white world. Only to realise in the further episode that it was a surveillance drone sent in by S.W.O.R.D.


Episode 3 - Now in Color

The first Wandavision episode to be fully coloured. A very pregnant Wanda and Vision (which is mysteriously rapid) plan the birth of their twins. But, in an unprecedented circumstance, Monica talks about Pietro's death which triggers Wanda who then throws her out of Westview. Their twins, Billy and Tommy are born in the same episode.


Episode 4 - We Interrupt This Program

The episode was all about the people outside Westview trying to figure out what's happening inside. It took us back and gave an insight into who Monica is and how she was one of then many who vanished during the blip. We are also introduced to S.W.O.R.D - Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division that was started by Maria Rambeau, Captain Marvel's best friend and Monica's mother. Not to forget Agent Woo and his iconic card trick and Darcy Lewis's comeback after Thor.


Episode 5 - On a Very Special Episode…

We get a hint of Monica's Photon as her scans and blood test showing some irregularities. The episode also ends on a cliffhanger as we get a surprise cameo from Pietro, but the X-Men version (or not!?!).


Episode 6

This 'Kickass' episode came after a thunderous ending to episode 5. We got to see Wanda and Vision dressed up for Halloween in their classic looks from the comics. Vision also realised that there was something wrong with the town and tried getting out to find help for the people trapped inside the hex.


Episode 7

We finally know who Agatha is and that it was "Agatha all along." The episode also gave the audience a song to hum all week. Marvel went full comic book and made Agatha eat Wanda's kids. And she killed Sparky too.


Episode 8

We finally get Scarlet Witch. After Agatha makes Wanda revisit all her past we get an idea of everything and everyone that Wanda lost in her life with her finally getting a glimpse of her future self.



The season finale will air today, how excited are you and do you think we will get the major Avenger cameo that we were waiting for?

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