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Masaba's clothes

Here's to Masaba's clothes from Modern Love Mumbai that seem like a perfect love story between style and comfort.

I know Masaba has been designing dresses and dealing with her relationship drama in the second season of Masaba Masaba, but while we appreciate her as an actor, can I state the obvious and say that I am here to talk about Masaba's clothes? Well, not from her Netflix show but from her episode of Amazon Prime's anthology Modern Love Mumbai. Because if there's anything I can choose to have in my wardrobe inspired by a designer it has to be everything Saiba wore. I'm here ready to pay all the money to have them!

Masaba plays a landscape designer in Modern Love's episode titled 'I love Thane.' A tale of a working, independent woman in her 30s trying to find the right man for her in this 'modern' time of online dating. After a bad first date experience, getting ghosted, and dealing with another douchebag, Saiba is almost on the verge of giving up but the universe had other plans. Things change when she meets and connects with someone unexpectedly via the old way.

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Soon after I finished the episode, I realized that while Saiba found her modern love, I found mine in her clothes. Talk about a character's wardrobe that feels way too comfortable to ignore and Saiba's has everything. It is the modern-day love that we need from our clothes - comfort that is stylish enough to make it to the 'gram. Masaba is a style icon and her designs have always been very urban, vibrant, elegant and patterned. There's a set of styles instantly identified as Masaba's of how well she has developed herself as a fashion designer. And her style in Modern Love is no different.


Saiba gave the basic shirt and jeans a style statement, making me want to go shopping. Oversized shirts and boyfriend jeans should be awarded as the best invention ever made. And someone should give Masaba credit for giving them her unique touch and for making it an ideal outfit for any occasion.


I mean, even her PJs look like something I would not mind spending my money on. Only she can look this amazing while cleaning a toilet


If I was wearing these formals that she wears for her Zoom meeting, I wouldn't mind attending all the 5-minute meetings that could've been an e-mail.


Oh, and can we talk about her putting flowers on her bun? All this while I would've never imagined how well they would look in any outfit that's not Indian wear. But Saibo wears it on her first date with a buttoned-up denim shirt and skirt, which the guy totally missed out on by deciding to not make it to the date. Sad for him, but happy for us. We get another of this 'flowers in her bun' look when she dons it on a patterned crop top blouse, jeans and canvas shoes. Have I mentioned this is also my favourite outfit of them all?!


We know that flowers are always represented emotions, love, and making an effort. Saiba deciding to incorporate it into her outfit could also represent the love that was blossoming in Saiba's mind; because she wears them when she's happy with the person she is talking to and began liking the guy hoping that it would have a happy ending.


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