The Masaka Kids are giving you 101 reasons to groove!

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The Masaka Kids are giving you 101 reasons to groove!

If you like to see people experiment with music, Masaka Kids will surely catch your attention!

I recently came across the Masaka Kids on Instagram and for someone who likes to see people experimenting with music, these kids caught my attention at the first glance. It's quite popular on Instagram to lip sync and dance to songs from different cultures and surprisingly people have never hesitated to show love to such content. If you're someone who's into watching people lip sync and dance to songs from different cultures, you must check out the creativity of these kids.

The Masaka Kids Africana is an NGO in Uganda that works for the welfare and upliftment of African Kids. They post videos of African children lip-syncing and dancing to popular songs from different cultures. These children don't just lip sync and dance but also create the whole concert vibes around them. One kid would be adjusting his mic while the other would play his fake drums. You never know what can go viral on social media and these kids have ended up on Insta stories of people around the world.

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If you haven't checked them yet, do it now. It will surely give you a quick serotonin boost!

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