Digital Creator Masoom Minawala launches her own endeavour called Empowher to support Indian women-led businesses through her content.

There is no doubt that women in every field find a way to excel despite all the hardships and obstacles that they face. Their perseverance is unmatched. The world is house to many such incredible women who strive to be prolific in their field of interest. Indian Digital Creator, Masoom Minawala recently shared her inspiring story and we couldn’t be more proud of and inspired by her story. With Empowher, she aims to provide her assistance and help businesswomen rewrite their story.

The fact that every woman has to fight for their due seat at the table or to be rewarded with equal pay as their male counterparts is proof that women have to work extra hard to be at the top. Masoom has always been an advocate of women empowerment showing her support for women in business. And her story is no different. She had her own business that she worked hard for but unfortunately failed at. Talking about her journey she says, ‘I have not been given a seat at the table, considered I was ‘too young for the job’, been snubbed by numerous investors, been questioned about my marital status & work + family balancing abilities & a gazillion other incidents that have scarred me but also, inevitably pointed out the utterly obvious disparities’.

“My BIGGEST obstacle was BELIEVING that I was at a disadvantage because of my gender.” She found herself question her strengths while her failures overtook them. But she decided to get past her insecurities and self-doubt. “One fine day, I changed that narrative for myself. And I want to do it for you too because girl, that ceiling they keep talking about breaking… it doesn’t even exist.” With the aim to converse, build & elevate women-led businesses & professionals, Masoom launched her own movement called the ‘Empowher.’

Masoom realised that all women need is the right push and assistance that will help them reach out to more people. She hopes to use her own resources to find solutions and to create conversations around topics of importance and that will help them grow. “More sharing. More secrets of the trade. Let’s turn this disparity into our biggest advantage. Let’s grow… together. No question mark, it’s not optional.”

We’re here for women supporting women in achieving their dreams and goals. Kudos to Masoom and her efforts!

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