Masoom Minawala's #MasoomTakesFashionWeek series has been giving us all the inside scoop into the inner workings of fashion week as a whole!

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Masoom Minawala's #MasoomTakesFashionWeek series has been giving us all the inside scoop into the inner workings of fashion week as a whole!

All the way from Milan, Masoom Minawala is taking over social media and sharing everything we need to know about fashion week.

Lights, camera, and high fashion! Indian fashion influencer and entrepreneur Masoom Minawala has been one excited soul on social media with lots of serotonin-boosting content to share with her online friends. The creator who was recently in Milan attending the prestigious Milan Fashion Week representing India and Indian fashion has been keeping her followers updated on the what's and who's of the fashion industry. She has become our one-stop shop for deets and inside scoops about fashion week that we usually wouldn't know about.

Talking about reasons that make a fashion week interesting and why people have their excited eyes on who wore what, Masoom has been educating and sharing her thoughts through her 'Masoom takes fashion week' series. The fashion industry has always been able to grab our attention no matter how little we know about the same. Like any other social event, spotting people on the red carpet at fashion week too doesn't fail to intrigue us. And with her series, she's trying her best to give us an insight into this glamorous world.

She wrote, "A MAJOR part of prepping for big shows is the intensive, chaotic and extremely exciting sessions of fittings. And since we’re leaving no aspect of fashion week unseen this season, I had to bring you along for a full day of this madness aka fittings with me! on what exactly happens at a fitting, how it helps brands, AND who all gets a chance to be dressed by the brand."

She talks about what happens at a fitting during International Fashion Week, things one would never imagine being true at these events, Moncler celebrating 70 years in the business, Versace's fierce and rebellious theme and so much more through her series. If you've missed out on the episodes, we have listed a few of them. But you should definitely check out her page to get the full couture experience.

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This insight has been so helpful in understanding fashion week as a whole!

We are super happy and proud to see Masoom achieve all these milestones!

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