#MeToo: Vinta Nanda shares her ordeal and as a nation we're ashamed!

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Vinta Nanda Alok Nath sexual assault

Vinta Nanda, one of the pioneers of TV Series in India, writer, director and creator of the show, TARA disclosed that she had been a victim of sexual assault by a man who people considered to be more saintly than Tulsidas. While her statement doesn't name him but has enough hints to prove that the man is none other than Alok Nath.

On a detailed account shared via Facebook post, Vinta mentioned that the stretch of events leading to her being victimized, all stand on the foundation of Alok Nath being an egomaniac, dreadful, narcissist, and an alcoholic (but let's not blame alcohol) with the industry influencers supporting it and Vinta being thrown in a pit of quicksand.

You can read the whole incident in the post below shared by her.

The whole event, projects that Vinta had to speak against Alok Nath because of his unprofessional behaviour towards the lead actress of Tara Navneet Nisha, which was not taken very well by the management. Alok Nath’s actions went unseen but the victim was victimized more when this quarrel plummeted her professional career. To top this, the accused abused her sexually after she left from his party by offering to drop her home and spiking her drink before at the party.

The bit of the story that bothers most (even though there are a lot of bothering bits) is that Vinta, who was fearless about speaking out in public, faced nervous breakdowns when she tried to do so and her workplace, her place of worship became the devil’s workshop.

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This heartbreaking revelation, gives us a reality check that if a person as competent as her cannot punch fear in its face, what does a person go through in a rural area where they don’t have a medium to voice out, a shoulder to cry on or the support to get through the depression that surrounds it.

The world came out in support of Vinta and was pained to learn about the cruelties she was subjected too.

Alok Nath during an interview stated that the account is her perspective and he doesn’t want to talk about his and refused to apologize. In a heinous comment, the man of shame refuses to accept or deny the accusation. 


CINTAA has planned to send a show-cause notice to Alok Nath.

Conversing about it on social media can only spread awareness, but if aware people won't channel it in the real world, it won't matter or make the situation better.

If this kind of an incident has happened with you and you've kept your mouth shut about it, time was up the day it happened.

You too?

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