Meet Chef Kobe - the 1-year-old digital star who is making the internet a happy place

Rutvik Shinde
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Chef Kobe

Who could have thought a 1-year-old would enjoy cooking so much?! Well, Chef Kobe not only explores cooking but also manages to bring joy and happiness to our lives.

2020 indeed was a very difficult year due to Covid but there were some highlights during the year that made this year a little joyous for us. And Chef Kobe's debut to the Instagram world is definitely a big highlight for doing that. Though the account is officially handled by his parents, we get a chance to see this adorable chef and his cooking videos almost thrice every week. Chef Kobe already has 2.5M followers on Instagram.

The 1-year-old chef not only enjoys the art of cooking but also has a talent for understanding the art and pronouncing the ingredients right at the age of 1. Well, If you are having a bad day you can definitely go through his Instagram or Youtube account, it most definitely will cheer you up.

Check out some videos here:


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