Bengaluru’s 9-year-old, Megan Rakesh is leaving people amazed around the world with her singing and we’re one of them!

A 9-year-old singer is taking over the internet with her extraordinary singing. Megan Rakesh who hails from Bengaluru is a social media star who rose to fame after one of her cover songs went viral. The young talent who has been sharing her rendition of popular songs did a live session where she sang Alicia Keys‘ song, Fallin’. While the song was well received by the people online, it created a storm when the singer herself shared it on her Instagram Story.

Megan started making covers of English classics as a hobby and soon started posting on her Instagram page. Her health was a cause of concern for her parents since she was born a premature baby, but her father, Rakesh realized her potential at the age of 3. She caught his attention by humming songs from her father’s band “Out Of Office” and by five she was doing covers of songs by Witney Houston, Shania Twain, Pearl Jam.

Rakesh said in his interview with Brut India, “The kind of notes that she started singing and belting those runs and all of those little details. It was like, it’s purely a blessing, purely a miracle.” When she was five and saw her father play on stage she said that she wanted to sing too and from then on Megan has been singing and training with her dad.

Megan says that her vocals are inspired by Witney Houston, Alicia Keys, Freddie Mercury, and MJ and according to her father, she learns by watching people sing. She wishes to release her first original song before she turns 10 in 2021. “My biggest dream is to become the biggest singer and make every single person happy. Like Witney Houston,” says Megan. Her parents started her Instagram page ‘Meg and the Miracles’ during the lockdown of 2020. Since then, she’s been a part of various lG Live-performing covers. She has been connecting with foreign artists over Instagram Live sessions and causing them to fall off their chairs in amusement.

Watch her amaze people online:

Hope we can listen to a Meg and the Miracles original soon!

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