Memes we wish hadn't died : Hiding from serial killer

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hiding from serial killer

Meme trends on Twitter are born out of nothing, and when a meme dies, it ends up meaning nothing. Although there are some memes we wish never died, like the Hiding From Serial Killer memes that were all the rage a few months ago!

The spontaneity and creativity of Twitter users’ was at full display as the meme template spread like a raging wildfire across Twitter feeds, not just in India, but in many other countries but some of the desi applications of the template had me gasping for breath. A stock photo of a man hiding from a serial killer in his closet became the center of internet’s infatuation and quickly sunk from the Twitter royalty to the WhatsApp forwards until it was eventually declared dead.

At the very beginning of internet’s obsession with memes, troll faces and other basic templates were highly popular, and now, years later, invite looks of cringe and disgust. Memes die, and are declared unfunny after a brief stint in the limelight but the hiding from serial killer was one meme template we wish had lasted longer. These are the best of the best hiding from serial killer memes that unfortunately died.

1. Every Indian Bollywood fan would die this way.

Hiding from serial killer

2. Once again, every Indian would die.Hiding from serial killer

3. Shrek is love. Shrek is life. Hiding from serial killer

4. The feels are real Hiding from serial killer

5. Dammit mom!Hiding from serial killer

6. HahahaHiding from serial killer

7. Okay there are a lot of ways to kill us guys!Hiding from serial killer

8. Worth it.Hiding from serial killer9. This is how I will dieHiding from serial killer

10. Sab serial killer kuwein me kood jayenge toh tum bhi kood jaoge?Hiding from serial killer

11. *every millennial is dead*Hiding from serial killer

12. xxxxDDDDD

Hiding from serial killer

13. Who wouldn't scream back Morya? 

Hiding from serial killer

14. When Hiding from serial killer met Aunty Gormint.

Hiding from serial killer

15. *saffron flares light up* *Arnab screams* *things get banned*Hiding from serial killer16. I don't even have to say something to make it funnier :DHiding from serial killer

17. *serial killer joins for duet and bad dance moves*

Hiding from serial killer

18. Every Mumbai local passenger ever.Hiding from serial killer

We need these memes back. Seriously. I mean it!

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