#LetsKetchup: Check out memes of the decade that made us laugh!

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To all the memes that made our life easier, here is a list of memes of the decade that made us laugh.

Life was all sad and unhappy, then far away in a distant land, a holy soul decided to create the most sacred content to entertain and bring joy to our life. He made 'MEMES'. And from there on memes became the escape to all our problems. As an ode to all these amazing memes, we have listed down all the memes of the decade that became the major reason to be on social media.

Here is the list of memes of the decade, OK Boomer! Thank us later:

1) Harmonium

2) Distracted boyfriend

3) Yelling woman and cat

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Merry Christmas Everyone ?

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4) This is fine dog

5) Drakeposting

6) Peeche toh dekho

7) Land kara de

8) Spongebob

9) Area 51/Naruto Run

10) Squinting girl

11) Confused math lady

12) Spiderman pointing

13) Blinking white guy

14) Hype guys

15) Baby Yoda

16) Mohin Saqib, upset Pakistani fan

17) Elon musk car

18) Yodelling guy

19) If you don't like me at my

20) Amit Shah chronology

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Mota Bhai explains the OG Timelines for #AgencyLife

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21) Modi yoga

22) Modi solar eclipse

23) What is this behaviour Pooja

24) Coffee-sipping boy

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25) Thinking man

26) Kombucha girl

27) Salman Khan laughing

28) Kardashian Metgala

Image result for Kardashian meme 2019

29) Daenerys smirk

30) Tuxedo poo

Image result for pooh tuxedo meme

31) Sad Thor

32) I am inevitable

33) That damn smile

34) Hela meme

35) Our business is my business none of your business

Image result for my business is my business none of your business

36) Race Salman

Image result for race 3 meme

37) Pheli fursat me

Image result for Pehli fursat me

38) Gormint aunty

39) Maa chudi padi hai

Image result for Maa chudi padi hai gif

40) Kamlesh

41) Monkey puppet

42) How dare you

Image result for Trump meme

43) Gonna tell my kids

44) Gaitonde

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45) Guruji ka Pyaar

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46) Arthur's clenched fist

47) Jake Gyllenhaal

48) Ryan ugly sweater

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These fucking assholes said it was a sweater party. ?

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49) Saving from fire

Image result for Saving from fire meme

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50) Akshay on fire

51) Angry Pakistani uncle

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52) Mature Bag

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53) Ranu Mondal

54) Joker

55) Trying to explain

56) Black Panther, We don't do that here

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We DEFINITELY don't do that here.

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57) Evil Kermit meme

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58) Guess I'll die grandpa

59) Hackerman

60) Salt bae

61) Cash me outside

62) Putin

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63) RDJ eye-roll

64) Crying cat

65) Finding Neverland

66) Confused girl

67) Ajay Devgan

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68) Grumpy cat

69) Idiot Sandwich

70) Sceptical kid

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Tag your friends? #funnymemes #scepticalkid

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71) Facepalm

72) Disaster girl

73) Crying kid

74) Virat Kholi

75) Anushka Sharma

76) Nasheyyy

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77) Biswa

78) Kehna kya chahte ho

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79) Kolaveri Di

80) Seh lenge toda

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#sehlenge torha?

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81) Leo cheers

82) Aadaru love

83) Chai peelo

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84) JCB ki khudai

84) Aao kabhi haveli pe

85) Amresh Puri

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86) Chinki tu badal gayi


87) Mirzapur

88) Mukesh Ambani

89) Utha le re baba

90) Me and the bois

91) Mar jayega tu

92) Neha Kakkar

93) Kabir Singh

94) How's the Josh

95) Job chod du?

Image result for toh kya job chod du meme gif

96) Billiwonka

Image result for Willy Wonka meme

97) IT

98) Is this a pigeon

Image result for Is this a pigeon meme

99) Pablo

100) Zakir Khan

Image result for kitni awesome hai yaar gif

Which one of these memes of the decade is your absolute favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

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