This hilarious streak of IndiaVsPak memes that are a hit like last night's win

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India Vs Pakistan 09 june

From Jasprit Bumrah’s master strokes with epic wickets to both the teams' performances, we can’t get enough of the memes that follow this epic match.

The men's Indian cricket team has been going strong on the winning streak, especially last night's win that had us all nervous, biting our nails, praying to all gods and simply hoping they would win. The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup commenced and so did all the epic t20 memes. Cricket lovers and social media users were hooked to their screens and TVs last night, be it die-hard fans closely observing the match plays to social media users participating in meme frenzies throughout yesterday. People didn't seem to get enough of these crazy t20 cricket matches.

What looked like a bleak and impossible moment to retrace from last night was exactly when the team overtook drastically and brought the win against the rival team. Throughout the match last night, various social media platforms were in a buzz from timely memes covering moments during and post-match that we just could not get enough of. We could not contain our laughs looking at these crazy memes and we’re sure it will have you laughing too.

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Take a look at how Indian social media was most active and involved in the IndVsPak match last night:

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