Memes are funny, laughable, satirical and entertaining as AF. But making relevant, timely and shareable memes isn’t an easy task. It takes wit, humour and an understanding of the current affairs and trending content you’re surrounded with. Only true memers know how to spot meme-worthy content. Which is what sets them apart from the rest and also brings earns them the ‘Memestar’ status in our eyes. This Memestar feature focuses on one of Twitter’s most interesting, relatable and hilarious handles, Sagarcasm.

Who is he?

His tweets make the world a better, funnier place one meme at a time. But, no one really knows who he is and he likes to keep it that way. However, ever since his rise in on Twitter, he has given some interviews which help us piece together certain details about him. For instance, he used to be a copywriter for a short while but in his own words, ‘terrible at it’. So, he used took his learnings from his copywriting days and started creating content that would grab attention and make people laugh at the same time. 

His claim to fame

It was in 2009 that he joined Twitter, using it as “an escape from his world”. And while initially, only his friends RTd his tweets, he kept doing what he does best adding more and more people to his list of followers. His memes leave everyone laughing and ROFLing via his keen observations of everything that range from daily happenings on social media, trending political news, updates around sports and good old Bollywood content. His timeline generates heavy traction on social media with his tweets getting featured in blogs and news stories.

What does he do now?

Besides giving us entertaining content and Retweeting equally hilarious stuff on Twitter, he is an entrepreneur and takes care of his own business. And he has no intention of joining any of the other content creating platforms but he did once reveal that he writes jokes for stand-up comics. 

Check out some of the most entertaining tweets by our Memestar, Sagarcasm:

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It’s not easy to achieve the ‘memestar’ status but this content creator has certainly earned it! 

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