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In light of recent disturbing events and the impact of social distancing, content creators took to social media to talk about mental health stigma and more.

As much as we love our favourite content creators for what they do, they never fail to impress us with their ability to be vocal about things that matter. Most content creators through their videos and content have been imparting positive messages and have been reaching out even more so to their followers since yesterday to talk about mental health stigma and more.

As the country mourns the death of celebrity actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, many content creators took to social media to highlight the importance of reaching out to your people for help and to always open about mental issues and problems without hesitation.

In today's world where people are confined to their homes for months, losing out businesses and finances, mental health should be given utmost priority. The discourse around this topic should be loud enough that it reaches every corner of society and encourage people to seek and receive help.

Check out what they have to say about mental health stigma and more:

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I woke up and got the devastating news of @sushantsinghrajput taking his life. Like everyone else around, I’m shocked too. He was an incredible actor, he had everything that categorises him as successful. And yet we saw how all things that society tells us make us happy are not really the things that matter! We never know what is going on in someone’s mind. ? May his soul rest in peace. My heart goes out to anyone who’s not been feeling okay lately. Mental health is a very serious topic, and it should be discussed more and more. I try to do my part here by sharing my life experiences, and talking about how I got through with it. Please please reach out to your friends and family, ask about their health. Be there for people. Let’s show the world kindness is not dead. And if you’re going through anything, don’t devalue your emotions by brushing them off, TALK to your closest people. Hug someone, cry and let it all out. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m here for you. ❤️ Always remember YOU ARE VALUED, LOVED & ADORED by so many people and you don’t even know that. YOU ARE special. #mentalhealth

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Talk. Ask. Answer.

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To all the beautiful souls that left us too soon ? . . Why are we so afraid to ask for Help...? Why do we smile and fake it Why do we try and push it away So much so that we can’t take it Why are we so ashamed that we are not okay...? Why can’t we call out to God and just pray? They cannot see through the pretense They can’t read your mind In this world that we live in, We need more of us who are kind You get one life, The only thing you have to do is make sure that you are okay. If something is not right, Please come on out and say Everyone is busy and have their own battles You’re too precious to give up Nothing else really matters Check in on yourself, and go to therapy Because this life is fly Having money, cars, and mansions is not the key to happiness, It’s just a lie In today’s world with so much information and connectivity, we’re still VERY lost You gave up and left us too soon, but at what cost???? ☘️ I wish we could talk now, but it’s too late I wish you could just pick up the phone and not hesitate If I may, can I ask you something please? Are you happy now? Did you finally find your peace? Thank you for being so strong, And getting through life with so much pain But please know that without you, we all have nothing to gain At last, I hope you found your place and are free I’m sorry I didn’t see you through But will you watch over me? . . I can’t stop thinking about what people go through before they decide to end their lives...they couldn’t trust anyone in their lives to help carry their baggage? ? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, We couldn’t help you. . . RIP ?

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TW: suicide

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I have had multiple days where I felt low and probably in a level where I have felt, this is it. This is how it feels to go through something but people around me have tried their best to make it okay, even if I act difficult. I am not saying that my problems were/are big as compared to what’s happening around us and in the world. It’s probably nothing as to what people go through and what people deal with. So many sad news one by one and so many unheard news which we will never get to know about but we know what we can do the best. It’s true when people say, never give up. After one dull day, the sun always rises. Sometimes, it takes time but it will all be OKAY! Trust me, it will be okay. You are kind, beautiful and unique. What you have is something people can never have. You are different and you should embrace it. Being in an unhealthy competition and trying to compete with someone is so toxic and you don’t need that in your LIFE! What I need from you is to be confident and always believe that things will be okay. Reach out for help. I am sure there will be one person in your life who will help you out, no matter what. The moment we heard a sad news today, the entire world started talking how we are there for each other. It’s good that everyone is coming together but we also don’t need such sad reminders to understand such situations. People who have lost their lives will always be remembered but the humanity today might be forgotten in a few days so always be independent. Your family and friends around you is way more important and close than anyone else. Appreciate and reach out to them. Always cherish life. We need you! Sending love your way! ❤️

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Invest your 5 mins for mental Health⚠️ . . Also I think this interview is need of the hour. I did this interview with one of our India’s leading Psychologist & Life Coach Dr. @kamalkhuranaofficial . This interview was done with the intention to help young minds who are not able to cope up with extreme situations. Video Summary: - How to Identify you are under Depression? - Alarming signs for family members. - How to deal with suicidal thoughts? - How to fight other mental issues ? If you liked this video then don’t forget to comment your thoughts and share it with your loved ones. Keep loving ♥️? . . . #TheFormalEdit #MentalHealth #Depression #help #spreadlove #failure #motivation #suicide #depressed #alone #psychology #psychologist #mind #fail #mental #alone #loneliness #motivate #mondaymotivation #motivational #love #mentalhealthawareness #panic #panicattacks #anxiety #loveyourself #india #videooftheday

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