Micheal Jackson: The unforgettable pop star and singing sensation

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Micheal Jackson

Let's celebrate some iconic moments of the 'King of Pop' and remember all that he has contributed to every single one of us.

Most of us have grown up listening to Micheal Jackson's music. We still have his songs on our playlist and we listen to them on loop every time we're in a throwback mood. Even today, most of the dancers and choreographers mention that they're inspired by him and don't leave any opportunity to emulate him and try and copy his moves. It's no wonder that he's known as one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Micheal Jackson enjoyed a global presence with his iconic red zippered jacket and sequin gloves, which became a fashion in itself. His sense of dressing, his quintessential eyeliner, and his slick leather jackets were phenomenal and it definitely won't be wrong to say that he was a bonafide fashion icon. Even his moonwalk is truly unforgettable.

His death left the world in shock and a lot of us couldn't believe it for a very long time. Although he left us too soon, he left a legacy behind that made sure we remembered him even after his death. Micheal Jackson's throbbing beats live in our hearts. There hasn't been anyone as flamboyant and extravagant as him whether it's about his tunes or his style.

We lost him 11 years ago and we still remember him as one of the greatest musicians to have existed. We lost a legend but his contributions were immense and he will always be remembered for it. His spirit will not be forgotten and his music will be cherished for generations to come. Apart from being a great entertainer, he was also a humanitarian who loved children and did a lot for them. In fact, in 1985, he composed the song 'We are the world' along with Lionel Richie to raise funds for the famine in Africa. Musical icons and stalwarts had come together to sing the song and spread the message of love and peace. We love him for the way he connected to us. I still remember dancing to his tunes and emulating the famous moonwalk back in school and I still do. He's the best and will always remain the best.

You'll remain in our hearts forever, sir!

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