Yesterday something really interesting happened on Google Play Store: A few trolls took the #BoycottSurfExcel campaign one step ahead by abusing Microsoft Excel, Twitter laughed.

In a bizarre turn of events, a few trolls took to Google Play yesterday to abuse Microsoft Excel for an ad that was created by Surf Excel! Though the damage was minimal, Twitter had a field day laughing off the fate of poor Microsoft giant. The Microsoft Excel-Surf Excel confusion gave the Twitterverse a reason to laugh, again.

A little background

Recently, Surf Excel released a Holi-themed advertisement where a girl helps a boy reach a mosque without getting his clothes dirty. She is trying to save her friend from the neighborhood kids who are raining colors on anyone who passes through the lane. He leaves her at the gates of the mosque, promising to play Holi after reading Namaaz. This, along with a Brooke Bond advertisement that highlighted the issue of the elderly being abandoned at the Kumbh Mela costed Hindustan Unilever, the parent company of the two brands, pretty dear in the online space.

But things did not go as planned.

Flashback alert, anyone?

Remember Snapchat-Snapdeal?

*The feels though*

Twitterverse wasn’t surprised though

Humour’s the way, after all!

Old joke + a new perspective = still funny.

To sum up: