Take a look at these Mika Singh songs that we dance to and enjoy with our friends at all our parties.

With a bunch of talented singers, Bollywood has its own set of singers who have given us some of the best party anthems. Mika Singh is an Indian singer who is known for his explicable list of songs that makes one stand up and dance. For a country that is all about celebrations and Bharat dancing, Mika has grown to become a major part of our lives. Brother of the famous Mehndi brothers, he is a powerhouse performer who can liven up anyone’s mood with his music. He has many chartbusters and hits in his name throughout his Bollywood career and continues to entertain the audiences. No matter how much we listen to hip-hop and rock with our friends during parties, we end up dancing and listening to Mika Singh’s songs at the end of the day. On his birthday, we have made a list of Mika Singh songs that always make it to our party playlist.

Take a look at these Mika Singh songs:

Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita

440 Volt

Go Go Govinda

Mauja Hi Mauja

Long Drive

Aaj Ki Party

Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai



Rani Tu Mein Raja

Happy birthday Mika Singh!


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