Mili starring Janhvi Kapoor, Sunny Kaushal, and Manoj Pahwa released in the cinemas on November 4. Let’s have a look at all the mixed reactions from the Janta!

Mili is an official remake of the Malayalam film Helen which was released in 2019. The film was adapted by Ritesh Shah for the Hindi remake but directed by the same director, Mathukutty Xavier for this film as well. In the remake, we see Janhvi Kapoor playing the titular role of Mili Naudiyal. Mili resides in Dehradun with her father (Manoj Pahwa). She’s a nurse by degree and wishes for a better life in the future and dreams of settling in Canada, for which she is studying further while also working in a fast-food outlet called Doon’s Kitchen. She’s in a relationship with a sort of good-for-nothing guy, Sameer (Sunny Kaushal) who constantly disappoints her, especially after being taken to the police station for drinking and driving which upsets Mili’s father as well. 

She goes to work with the intention of not coming back home the next day, but when finally around midnight she convinces herself to, she’s asked by two of her colleagues to put back some food items in the freezer room. While she’s storing the food, her manager (Vikram Kochchar) locks the freezer and leaves, completely unaware that she’s inside the freezer. What was supposed to be a normal work day for her, turns into a horrifying night of survival for her. 

Coming to the Janta’s reviews, while some absolutely loved Jahnvi’s growth as an actor because it feels like she’s the only one out of the current lot who is picking the right films, there were some who still couldn’t connect to the film as they question why the story needed to be remade in the first place.

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