Milind Soman new fitness resolution is now a thing. Run 7 hours straight daily. That’s right! Of course there were jokes!

Fitness freak Milind Soman has a new fitness resolution and Twitter isn’t taking it really well.

The Indian actor, model, fitness promoter and evergreen heartthrob Milind Soman has a new year resolution that you and me might not even be able to fathom. Known for his insanely good physique and health, Soman took it to and all new level by asking followers to join with him for a 7 hour marathon every day.

Soman might not have company for a 7 hour long daily marathon but he definitely has many jokes to laugh on.

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And then there were miracle doers. Who were ready to run 7 hours daily! Boy, I can’t even imagine. Can you?

I hope, Milind Soman will follow his new year resolution till the year ends. Do you want to join the marathon as well?