#MondayMillennial: Tweets on millennials that are too damn real!

Jagruti Verma
Mar 11, 2019 14:32 IST

Defining a generation in a few words is a tough task but Twitterverse never fails to surprise with the depths of understandings it holds. Here are a few thoughts you should read today about millennials.

Stuck between two centuries, one to which they belong by birth and tied to another by adulthood, there is lot millennials struggle with. They are often criticised for depending too heavily on the world of internet but this virtual space is also one where they live and express like nowhere else. Here are a few interesting though millennial thoughts we found on the Twitterverse, freshly served with a pinch of umm.. sympathy.

Defensive, much?

Feeling attacked, too?


Tring, Tring!

Priorities, opinions and thin lines

Does a Spotify playlist count?

Let's talk about the future?

You are lazy. Period.

Universality is a myth

A summarising tweet

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