15 times Milo Ventimiglia set the bar too high as Jack Pearson from This is Us.

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As a birthday wish, we look at some of the iconic moments of Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson, where the on-screen character set the bar too high.

We've all thought and spoken about finding the perfect person. And ever since This Is Us has released, we have a character that defines it perfectly. One cannot talk about Jack Pearson without praising him over all his sweet and lovable gestures. Milo Ventimiglia, the actor who plays Jack onscreen has been able to bring out the best of this character. He is an American actor, director and producer who has been part of many independent movies and television shows. He gained popularity after his role as Jess Mariano in Gilmore Girls. His role as Peter Petrelli on the NBC series Heroes also gained him further recognition. Milo has once again become a household name with his latest character as Jack Pearson in NBC's This Is Us.

While there are many who wish to have a partner like Jack Pearson in their lives, we can't ignore the fact that a ton lot of men around the world have secretly created their own "we hate Jack Pearson club" for setting the bar too high. Jack is caring, loving, and all things sweet. His boundless love for his family only makes us want him more. Showering the audiences with countless adorable moments with his Big Three, Jack makes sure that all his kids know their worth. He also doesn't shy away from making his wife feel like the most loved person in the world.

There is no stopping him from going all "Jack Pearson" with all his grand gestures when it comes to romance. Every time he makes a mistake, he goes the extra mile to apologize and accept it, only making us more fond of him.

Take a look at these iconic Jack Pearson moments:

When he went all-in to prove how much he loves Randall

When he learned how to go Vogue and strike a pose on Kate's birthday

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When he surprised the family with Pilgrim Rick

When he gave Kate the Magic shirt so she could feel confident at the pool

The time when we thanked God for the visual treat, his Birthday ritual

Telling Randall that it is okay to be different

His dream of building a house for his family

Buying a suit for Kevin

When he secretly filmed Kate singing

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Happy Father’s Day, Jack. ?

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Sweet dad talks

Jack shared the story of his favourite tree to Rebecca only to realise that it was made up. He only took her there so he could distract her from stressing over her health results for a while.

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When he waited outside Rebecca's room to apologise and promised to be a 12 when she asks him to be the 10/10 dad version that he is

Getting the car for his family

All of his romantic gestures

When he went back to the house (also, the only time we hated a dog)

Happy Birthday, Milo Ventimiglia! Thank you for giving us Jack Pearson.

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