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Mind the Malhotras

Directed by Sahil Sangha and Ajay Bhuyan, Mind the Malhotras falls in the 'keep your brain aside and watch' category.

Remember those neighbors who keep trying to one-up you? Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra complain about that too! A remake of the Israeli comedy show, La Famiglia, Mind the Malhotras tugs at your heartstrings because it's that relatable and it gives you a glimpse into how The Malhotras deal with daily petty issues too.

Cast - Cyrus Sahukar is as extremely entertaining as Rishabh Malhotra. His dry humor is what makes this sitcom so hilarious and he's the definition of 'dad jokes'. Mini Mathur plays the role of Shefali Malhotra, that innovative mother, and partners with a quirky solution for every problem. Denzil Smith as Dr. Gulfam Rastogi is straight-faced and doesn't show any ounce of judgment, like any good therapist. Now, he's a therapist I'd love to go to!

Storyline - Rishabh and Shefali are your next-door neighbors with the same household problems as most people in the form of a nosy and dominating mother-in-law, struggles with parenting, a dull sex life, and a 'we're not the problem but they are' attitude. They're living a regular life until the third couple that they know of files for divorce. This is precisely what brings them to Dr. Gulfam Rastogi, a couples counselor.

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What I liked - This sitcom introduced the concept of couple's therapy in 2019 on the small screen when nobody really spoke about it openly. It's a breath of fresh air from your daily soaps with multiple wives and people turning into snakes and birds. Mini Mathur and Cyrus Sahukar make for an entertaining watch. Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra bring up issues that are very relatable with overarching themes like parenting woos, figuring how to tackle the house help and a dominating mother-in-law. Most of us wonder if something is wrong with us when nothing really is. And that's precisely what brought this couple to therapy. They're confident that they're going through a crisis in their marriage when they're bulletproof and that's terribly relatable and hilarious.

What I didn't quite like - This doesn't represent therapy very well. It just about scratched the surface. "Be more positive towards each other" is not really good advice. The therapy aspect felt more like they're retelling their story to a stranger where they're hardly taking anything back home with them. This isn't a sitcom you can binge-watch because as promising as the cast is, every episode tells the same tale.

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