Mismatched S2 was released on Netflix on October 14 and the Janta is completely floored with this one!

Mismatched S2 is back with a star-studded cast and more drama! Prajakta Koli (Dimple) and Rohit Saraf (Rishi) are the lead love interest of the show. Alongside Vihaan Samat (Harsh), Muskkaan Jaferi (Celina), Devyani Shorey (Namrata), Kritika Bharadwaj (Simran), Taaruk Raina (Anmol), Abhinav Sharma (Krish), Ranvijay Singh and Vidya Malavade (Zeenat) with some new characters added to the show which only gave more essence to the show! Sanjana Sarathy and Priya Banerjee are the new characters this season and we can also see a cameo by Ahsaas Channa.

Mismatched season one was all about Dimple and her ambitions but it turned into the not-so-perfect love interest between Dimple and Rishi. Two teenagers fell in love with each other while they were in Jaipur for their summer course. At the end of season 1, we all were left with a massive cliffhanger and that is what continues in season 2. As the show starts, we see new drama coming in and that means only one thing, more meme content! The Janta has fallen in love with the characters but they seem to want something more from some characters!

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Here’s what the Janta had to say!

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