Mismatched season 2 dialogues had some major truth bombs we didn't know we needed!

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Mismatched season 2 dialogues

Mismatched season 2 dialogues feel like what most of us wish to hear today from our family and friends!

Mismatched is back with its second season and with it came a lot of drama, new love interests, and new sub-plots. While all of it was sometimes too much to process at the same time, the one thing that did stand out for us was the Mismatched season 2 dialogues. While the characters retrospected their decisions on what life really is all about, they gave us some really good life lessons and much-needed reminders through their impactful one-liners. 

This season, in particular, we saw the show addressing issues that are currently talked about and important like mental health, body dysmorphia, and exploring your true sexuality. In the course of that, the characters also tackled the pressures of the future and their complicated love lives. We all know that with complicated relationships comes pain and pain brings out some really hard-hitting dialogues from the characters that stick to your mind and make you wonder about those things as well. All the characters from the show turn narrators at some point through the course of 8 episodes but Zeenat, Simran, and Celina took the cake with their amazing dialogue delivery this season.

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Here are some dialgogues that we related to this season!

“Own your secret and don’t let your secret own you!”

Never let your secrets eat you away on the inside!


“See aisa koi rule nahi hai that just because you like someone new, you can’t have feelings for your ex” 

Accept it or not, we all have that soft corner for our first love!


“Ek universal law hona chahiye, ki lovers break up kar sakte hai but dosti? You have to nibhao life long because when friendship ends uska heartbreak na alag hi level ka hota hai.” 

Celina's not wrong. Friendship breakups do hurt way more than a lover's quarrel.


“Gaur se dekho toh ye sab bachche doob rahe hain, ye chahte toh hain ki koi inhe bacha le lekin kehte nahi hai. Inhe kehna aata hi nahi hai bas doobte jaate hain.”

How about instead of drowning we help each other to "Just keep swimming?"


“I just want to scroll mindlessly till I can numb this pain in my heart.” 

All of us have had Instagram Reels to the rescue when we've wanted to distract our minds from the harsh realities we live in.


“Camera 50-megapixel ka ho ya 100, eventually we see a picture through the lens of our heart.”

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder after all!


“Take your broken heart and turn it into art.”

Full-on "Channa Mereya" vibes!


“Just Band-aid it. Don’t overthink it!” 

You just have to rip off the Band-aid and get it over with!


“You love the idea of a perfect girlfriend and I can’t be that idea for you anymore.” 

For what he did to Simran, he deserved to hear that!


Which are some of your favorite Mismatched season 2 dialogues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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