The Mismatched season 2 trailer comes with new love interests, strained friendships, twice the jealousy, and a whole lot of drama!

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Mismatched season 2 trailer

The much-awaited Mismatched season 2 trailer is finally out and it’s set to release on Netflix on October 14!

The Mismatched season 2 trailer that was shared earlier today has brought in a lot of excitement for the next chapter of the show. Directed by Akarsh Khurana, Mismatched stars Rohit Saraf as Rishi Singh Sikhawat and Prajakta Koli as Dimple Ahuja. Last season, we saw the two meet, fall in love, go on ‘non-dates’ and even break up due to a lot of misunderstandings between them. The second season picks up right where it left us and breaks open all the chaos that ensues after that fateful night. While Dimple and Harsh (Vihaan Samat) are figuring out the aftermath of their kiss, Rishi has met Sanskriti (Sanjana Sarathy) who seems to have impressed him at the speed of Usain Bolt. Even though the two are with different partners this season, they constantly share glances that show their inner desire to still be together. 

Ranvijay Singha who plays their professor looks rather done with them and asks “Yeh aggression kahan se aa raha hai? You guys are supposed to be nerds!”. He also looks like he’s going to melt at the sight of Zeenat (Vidya Malvade) who has a whole new makeover this season. There’s another new entrance in the Aravali gang, Ayesha (Ahsaas Channa), It’s still unclear whether she’s a teacher or student but she definitely catches Namrata’s (Devyani Shorey) attention and we see Celina (Muskkan Jafferi) rolling her eyes at the back seeing this budding equation probably blossoming into something more. College life is difficult as it is, and figuring out your future on top of that adds to a lot of anxiety. Which is what Dimple feels this season. She wants to find out who leaked her app ‘Antisosh’ but also feels very overwhelmed with her future. We see her taking deep breaths and Harsh calming her down by singing a song that felt rather wholesome to watch in this dramatic saga. 

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The rest of the gang i.e. Simran (Kritika Bhardwaj), Krish (Abhinav Sharma), and Anmol (Taaruk Raina) struggle with issues of their own. The show overall tackles bullying, mental health, and body shaming while they’re on their path to finding themselves. But as rightfully pointed out by Simran in the trailer, we can all live without tech and sex but definitely not without love. It ends with Celina telling Dimple “There’s no rule that just because you start liking someone new, you can’t have feelings for your ex” which slightly hints that maybe Dimple and Rishi still have a shot at being a couple this season and we cannot wait to see more of that unfold!

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